Hello everyone!!!!

I’m so happy to blog about Dao & Gary tonight. From beginning to end, Dao & Gary were a blast. We started out with their E-Session at the Orange County Fair (check it out if you haven’t seen it yet HERE! ). Then we got to meet their family and friend at their beautiful wedding! We ended everything with a romantic Day After Session in Laguna. Dao & Gary had a very unique wedding in that there were actually TWO ceremonies that took place. We met at Dao’s home, were her mother, brothers, and close relatives sang prayers over the about-to-be-married couple after Dao and Gary saw each other for the first time. Incense, the aroma of incredible home-made traditional Vietnamese food, and laughter filled the air as family members and close friends were personally introduced and their two families mingled amongst themselves. In some cultures, eating food is one of the most intimate experiences you can have with people to bring together the bond between one another. I’d definitely say the sense of family was alive and present in Dao’s home as everyone got more and more excited to go to the church and see them get married! The ceremony in the church was complete with beautiful orchids lining the aisle, a full on professional choir singing almost continuously, and kind words spoken by loved ones. Then off to their reception at the Turnip Rose for an amazing cocktail hour and party! There were surprise  songs, heartfelt speeches, and amazing food to keep everyone on their toes. Not to mention dancing! Overall, Dao & Gary, your wedding was such a wonderful, beautiful time, and we are so happy that we were able to be a part of it!! We wish you both the best in everything!

~priscila & nick



Awesome job Priscila/Nick as always!!! YOu sure know how to make us look good…:)

Great work, Priscila and Nick. As always, Dao and I are indebted to you for capturing our special moments. It couldn’t have looked any better than this.
I look forward to more info about your new addition soon too.