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beautiful photos + couple! can you please tell me where this orange grove location is at? thank you!

WOW! what a great looking pair! and the pictures are excellent. Great job!

OMG….Wow. I love these Leah & Jakeh. Truly gorgeous.
Imagine what the wedding photo’s will be like.
I can’t wait, I get goose bumps just thinking about your
special day!

I love the last 2 photos! I can’t believe you caught the train like that!

These are amazing!!!! Jakeh and I can’t even tell you how thankful we are to have such talented and amazing photographers!! You guys are the best! We seriously love every one of these photos!

Love ur pict guys congratulations both of u look so sexy, super cute…….. amazing!!!

Such a gorgeous couple, Leah your stunning! I think the first two are my favorite

soooooooooooooo perfect!!! i LOVE it!!!

These are amazing! Talk about a photogenic couple!