About us

Hello there! You are probably here because you saw one of our images and are looking for a photographer for your wedding day or life event. Nick and I met over ten years ago and are married with children and have dedicated our careers to taking the most beautiful photographs around the world. Coming from artistic backgrounds, when we met, we had discovered our passion for cameras and portraiture! We are not landscape photographers but have a preference for documenting human life.After reinventing the wheel and taking a dynamic approach to our photographs (through diversity of lighting opposed to one specific style), we were immediately picked up by some of the biggest blogs! Here was our first publishing through Green Wedding Shoes:


At the same time we were contacted by the Willis family, yes Bruce Willis! They wanted us to start photographing their private events and family. This was only our first to second year of business. It wasn’t our destination (photographing celebrities) but it was the confirmation to continue developing the art of photography.
Fast forward 10 years and we are still refining the concepts of photography. Did you know that a little after sunset, there is a residue of orange light left from the sky which will show up ONLY when taking a long exposure of the stars? See this image we photographed in Joshua Tree:

We are constantly extracting the most diverse set of photos that not only show laughter, but timeless portraits, romance and epic views. Like a good Smörgåsbord, we provide a variety of lighting, styles, poses, and candid photography to fulfill your appetite beyond what you could have imagined.

See one of our epic drone photo perspectives:

Also one of the trick’s about photography is that we wear many hats. While portraits are our favorite, we love capturing details that set the tone of the day and look amazing in albums:

The goal is for you to feel your images:

We are 100% all in and dedicated to serving our clients while simultaneously competing with ourselves to refine the method and outcome of what is captured.
See the task that Nick fulfilled in Norway


Did I mention, we are all in:

And while I could go on and on about our different weddings around the world, I will let the images speak for themselves. Please see our galleries and send us a message! We humbly look forward to meeting you and documenting the most important chapters of your life.

Nickolas and Priscila