Before California’s Hollywood ever existed, Paris represented the city of nostalgia where art and romance flourished with progressive thinkers. 

Today we are seeing Paris in the news every week with political restlessness which is the opposite of what this city always stood for. 

For this reason, we are so excited to share this photo shoot because it provokes inspiration, selflessness and most of all the many attributes of love.

At sunrise, Samuel humbly and courageously pushed an antique piano through the streets of Paris with the agenda of surprising his fiancé, Maya, by singing his vows during their ceremony scheduled later that morning. As Sam pushed the piano up to the Eiffel Tower, the Parisians stopped with questionable eyes, but full smiles, something was kindling, a familiar spirit of romance was in pursuit. 

The two met for their first look at the ornately decorated and historical bridge, Ponte Alexandre III. Immediately afterwards they followed the lovelock tradition, throwing the key into the Seine river. 

After the exchange of vows the couple had something truly magical happen. We were packing up to head to our next location when all of a sudden, light snow began falling and I shouted to the couple: “Come back!!” The idea hit me of putting the couple on top of the piano to capture a “lost in Paris” moment on film. As the snow fell, I looked up in the sky and knew there was something special happening, it was a supernatural feeling, like as if God opened up the opportunity with perfect timing to remind the world, that we can do better, that love is what this life is all about and I believe that’s the message behind the photos. 

The rest of the day was filled with laughter as Samuel and Maya enjoyed the French culture strolling through the streets with their classic bicycles, boutique cafes and of course, two French lattes 

All of a sudden, a storm came our way
It started to hail!