Hello! Today we are featuring Vern and Theresa’s beautiful wedding! One thing I LOVED about this wedding is how Theresa ordered dozens of monarch butterflies that were released during the ceremony. Vern and Theresa had such AWESOME decor sprinkled everywhere on the venue provided by Archive . Theresa was wearing Jewelry that was worth over $70,000 (those diamonds are ALL REAL)!! ¬†After a beautiful ceremony the wedding party and guests kicked back and enjoyed an amazing reception. So happy to be a part of this lovely day. Blessings to the newlyweds. Enjoy the post!!000000000000a00g0000 00a000000000000a000000c0000b00a00d000000d00f00h0000v00i00z0000a00q0000abc 00 00a000100b00d00b00c00a00ab100i00p2500e100e002 346 7 8 0 910111211110a000