Whats up guys!! This is Nick here and we are so happy to be featuring such an incredible wedding with all of you! But before we get to the wedding, let me just say that Priscila is such an AWESOME mom!!! We have been so busy with weddings and I have all my film projects, but you know God has really blessed us with such an incredible miracle and I am so happy to be married to someone who values the integrity of being such a perfect person.. : )

Two weeks ago we were able to shoot a B – E – A – UTIFUL wedding!! Alisia and Jon are married and their wedding was so fresh with tons of style. Alisia and I actually worked together as waiters back in highschool/college.. so not only being there for her wedding, but shooting it was a blast !   This wedding has a rustic and antique style that gives the pictures a nostalgic feel for the day. So as you look through these pictures,  observe  the intimacy and love that was captured and frozen in time. Enjoy the post and leave the lovebirds a comment below!





Dena Lowry-Lopez

What a BEAUTIFUL day!
Alisia and Jon, I’m so happy for both of you!
What a proud Aunt I am to have such a beautiful niece (inside and out).
Thank you for letting me be part of such super special day in both your lives!
Love you! XOXOX

This is a beautiful album. This is totally Alisia and Jon, the wedding, the dress, everything in every picture captures the pure moment of love and joy they share. It’s down to earth, hearty and sweet, full of creativity and life, just like how this couple radiate their energy to their friends and family everyday. I love you Alisia. You are so beautiful inside and out.

You guys are amazing. Great job! What a beautiful wedding! I really like the idea of the different flowers for centerpieces + the chalkboards. Super cute! Congrats to the couple 🙂