camy priscilla niculcea

when i first saw these pictures i thought it was a real wedding! i am in absolute awe of these photos i can’t stop looking at them they are gorgeous! the snow just makes it looks so much more magical! LOVELY & STUNNING!!!

You amaze me even more with every photo shoot! Natalie and Jeff are gorgeous together. It makes me want a winter wedding!

Thanks Danielle! Love the feedback. Yeah it was a little cold out there but Natalee was a trooper and held up strong. I think it was like 25-30 degrees outside 😀

Maybe Natalee and Jeff could get some modeling jobs. Amazing pics!!

Amazing!!! I love how these pictures capture Natalie’s natural beauty and CO too.

Wow! You guys are so amazing! I can’t believe how interesting and beautiful the effects are. You guys are definitely my favorite photographers in the whole world! 😀