HELLO!! Nick here, Priscila wanted me to write this blog post because of my “hands on experience” preparing for the AMAZING E-session with Daniel + Hannah.

About 3 weeks before the shoot, Hannah showed us via e-mail an e-session where the photographer had taken an old piano out into a field and took some amazing pictures. Immediately we fell in love with the idea and I began searching on craigslist for a vintage piano! After using my  garage sale-negotiating skills i was able to pick up a piano from 1909!!! Only problem was this piano weighed exactly 430 pounds. What am i going to do? Eventually I picked up a Budget truck, loaded the piano inside and searched EVERYWHERE in OC for an AWESOME location to place it for the shoot. I was running out of time… There I was driving in this HUGE budget truck with my brother in law in the back making sure the piano didnt move… We drove from Santiago Canyon to Rancho Santa Margarita to Laguna.. Everything was state property and we were unable to bring this piano anywhere!! There was only one hour left until the shoot, I called Priscila, “Priscila I can not find anywhere to bring this piano..What are we going to do?!”  All of a suddent the heavens opened up and I saw an orange field. THIS IS PERFECT!!!! But no it was private property, There was a huge private home on that lot and I had no choice but to ask for permission to shoot there. To make a long story short we were granted access (THANKS RYAN) and we then dragged the 430 pound piano with 4 guys across his yard into the back, over the train tracks… And thank you God, we had just pulled the piano across before the train came. It was quite an experience. And a little bit of a life lesson. What you put into life is what you will get out of life. We went out of our way for this shoot and as you will see these are hands down some of the best pictures we have ever taken. Thanks Hannah and Daniel you guys were awesome looking forward to your wedding! ENJOY THE POST and if I dont see at least 10 comments by the end of this week I will throw an orange at someone .. : )



These are just spectacular. My favorite is the 5th big picture down. The wedding photos are also out of this world, I saw. Great work, Ms Valentina!

[…] Photographer: Priscila Valentina Photography |  Flowers: Krista Jon Couture Designs […]

Great Pictures!!! You are the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen…….

We met Hannah at Ruby’s where she served us our Beach Burgers and we knew she was a pretty gal, but seeing these pictures we are corrected – she is GORGEOUS and could make a million as a model. Wow, terrific pictures. Oh, yeah, her guy is pretty cute too. Good job.

First time visitor and I LOVE LOVE this session. Beautiful couple, style, location…..perfect really. Great job!

Darcy Duhaime, mother of the groom

These photos are amazing. I can only imagine what the wedding photos will look like – can’t wait to see!

LOVE IT! what a great concept with the piano and a beautiful location cant wait to see their wedding pics!

Awwwww…I almost cried, I love you guys!!!! what an awesome shoot…I can’t wait for the wedding pics to come out!

WOW!!! These are so great! Hannah and Daniel, you guys look sooooo good and Nick and Priscila, I LOVE the pics and the concept!

WOW. Amazing. I love the style of the shoot! Priscila, will you be playing this piano anytime soon?

I was like WOAAAHHHH by like the third photo. Seriously by far the best photo shoot. LOL whats next?

Wow, Love the pictures, Good Job

What a great shoot! 🙂 These should be published in a magazine!

Wow~ I Can’t get over how beautiful these are. You guys did a amazing job. They look like they belong in a magazine, what a attractive couple.

Wow Nick and Priscila…you guys did an amazing job with these shots. The couples are very beautiful…they should go into modeling…maybe they are, heheheheeee. Every photos are so beautiful in itself. I love them all. Fantastic jobs Nick and Priscila. We love you guys and congrat to Daniel and Hannah!!!

I knew Hannah when she was little and I just love seeing her and Daniel in these pictures, they really are a stunning couple.


These pictures r sooo beautiful!! You guys r creating beautiful pictures for beautiful couples to cherish forever!!!

Oh my gosh they are sooo gorgeous!!! thank you so much for putting in so much effort for these pictures! I love them:) we had so much fun working with you guys!! aahh im so excited!!!

Great job you guys! After what seems like a crazy afternoon- sure did pay off 🙂 What a wonderful memory to add to this couples engagement. you guys went out of your way to give them lets say their “dream shoot” and it turned out perfect in the end! Anyways, I love the photos as always! If I get married i know who to call 😉
So what did you guys do with the piano?

Stunning in every way! I love the orchard and the piano, and what a gorgeous couple! What a perfect setting and a perfect shoot!