Hi everyone!
So I promised I would give everyone a little more information on Videography, and the time has now come for me to do so! As you all know, my husband Nick, has a videography business which parallels our photography business. He is SERIOUSLY gifted at everything he does, with video and photos, and I feel so lucky to have someone like him alongside of me.
Recently, Nick and I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding for a very special person, Deanna and her now husband Chris! I know usually when I say “shoot” I mean photography, but today I mean VIDEOGRAPHY! Deanna is Nick’s wonderful cousin! Because we also wanted to enjoy the wedding and get a little time to hang out, we were only shooting video on this day. But I couldn’t resist, hehe, so I did snap a few photos during the wedding! I will post those as well, but the focal piece of the post today would be the AMAZING trailer that Nick put together for this cute couple. As part of the videography package, not only do you get your whole wedding on tape– edited, processed, enhanced, and with a custom menu –but you also get a trailer to post up on the internet and show all your friends and family! The wonderful thing about this trailer is that you can show ANYONE, it’s about 10 minutes long! A lot of the times, showing everyone your entire wedding tape is just not practical, it takes too long and most of the time you end up postponing it over and over again. But with this little trailer, you just attach it to everyone’s e-mail, and… Taaadaa! This is especially good for those of you who have friends and family who don’t live close to you! There is a lot more to the videography package than the trailer, so make sure if you are interested in a videography package that you contact me or Nick! We also have a videography+photography package that is AWESOME! So don’t be shy, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you LOTS more information!! Make sure and check out Nicks’ website as well: www.FALANGAS.com ! You can contact Nick directly at his e-mail: [email protected].
Annnyywhoo, back to our wonderful couple. You might remember them from their engagement session a couple months ago. Deanna and Chris have now already started their new life together in North Carolina with their new puppy Dakota. They are such sweethearts, and are seriously missed!! We love you, Deanna!
Enjoy the trailer and the few pics, and don’t forget to leave them some comments!






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Patty McKee (Brent's Mom)

Deanna, I was so sorry to miss your wedding. Enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful ceremony. God bless you and Chris.