Yesterday’s post on CPAs today’s on Lawyers,WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS!! Today I want to share Emily and Robert’s E-Session! For Emily and Robert’s shoot we took them to the orange fields and also mixed in a little of the downtown feel that will go perfectly with their wedding in San Juan. One thing that makes me laugh about this e-shoot was when Nick just had to get a “horchata” and went into a mexican grocery store where they also serve food and Aguas Frescas (Fresh Waters). He went straight to the lady at the register and ordered the drinks in Spanish and everyone smiled because there was a gringo speaking pretty good Spanish…! Nick stayed with a family in Argentina/Uruguay and will now go out of his way to speak to anyone and everyone in Spanish! So for any future clients that speak spanish.. BEWARE! lol ¬†Anyway, we love our job and had such a great time capturing the love that Emily and Robert share with one another. We can’t wait for the wedding!!


Thank you Priscila and Nick!! We had a great time shooting these, and can’t wait for you two to shoot our wedding!