We are back from the holidays and in super DUPER mode and trying to get as much out as possible. Today we are featuring Krystal and Bryan’s engagement shoot! These two are soooo GREAT to work with and they are oozing with style! Krystal and Bryan found this AMAZING location for the e-session and I am so stoked with how these photos came out. Can’t wait for the wedding!! Enjoy the young love captured in these photographs.
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I need to know where this lovely lady got her gorgeous ivory lace dress!

What location is this???!! It’s so beautiful!

wow!!!! that is stunning!!! where was this!!!!?

Brilliantly beautiful. You are so talented !

Wow! These are so wonderful 🙂 I’m truly inspired! I was curious, what lens are you using to get that tilt-shift look? Or do you mainly use a tilt-shift lens?!
Thank you for being sooo inspiring!!!

Priscila Valentina

Hi Dawn, yes it’s a Tilt Shift 45mm