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For Daniel + Lauren’s E- Shoot we went to an awesome location near Palm Springs where we were able to capture a western and urban feel to their pictures. These guys are sooo in love and WE LOVED taking pictures of them because everything was so natural. They definitely put  a lot of input into their photo shoot as far as finding the location and it really allowed us to exercise our creativity. What does love look like? Look at their faces in each picture and you will see two people who have absolutely fallen in love and are ready to spend the rest of their lives together !



These photos are so cute!

I Love the setting the poses and the pictures are just Beautiful!!

i feel like i keep repeating myself truly amazing what a cute lil town where is it exactly?

These pictures are truly wonderful!! I have never seen my brother look so good haha 🙂 Priscila & Nick – You truly captured Lauren & Daniel; their expressions are so genuine and pure. LOVE IT!!

The photos look AMAZING! Thank you Priscila and Nick for capturing these moments between Daniel and I. You guys were so fun and we loved every moment of it. Thank you so much for your hard work and encouragement =D. We truly appreciate these! Can’t wait to see the rest!