HEY EVERYONE!!!! We got a special post here for Ricardo and Lisa!! Woohoo!! We are stoked with how their pictures turned out! Ricardo and Lisa are both awesome people and are totally into culinary arts,  so to add to their E-Session we started off in a pub at Sunset Bar & Grille and concluded in a beautiful field of orange trees with crazy looking branches that just added so much composition to the pictures. When your looking at their pictures check out all the different emotions that were caught throughout the shoot. We see laughter, intimacy, love, happiness… We love you guys and thanks for the cupcakes during the shoot! YOU ROCK!!! If your looking at this post and you don’t leave a comment .. I will find you : D  ENJOY!!!



Wow,these pictures are absoultely breathtaking! Beautiful work for a beautiful couple!

Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love these pictures of my sister and Ricardo. Great job!

I love the look of these pictures, Ricardo and Lisa look awesome and so happy! I can’t wait for the the big day!!!

THANKS!! We are definitely looking forward to their wedding! 🙂

Andrew Spiritopolis

You guys are legit. 100% amazing. If I were not married already, I’d hire you in a heartbeat.

GREAT JOB GUYS! I loved the cupcakes in the shoot incorporating there hobbies 🙂 and i esp liked the picture of her ring in the orange hehe very clever!

These are great! They look like a fun couple. It’s cool that you incorporated a some hobbies of theirs into the shoot.

Priscila and Nick – these pictures are amazing!!! Thanks for making us look so good. Ricardo and I had a great time shooting the pictures and can’t wait to see what you do for the wedding. We are so fortunate to have you as our photographers! Thanks so much.