Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! For Lolo and Brandon’s shoot we started off by picking up a piano from Big Bear that was listed “Free” on craigslist. Lucky us – we scored this fabulous piece of art from the 1890s that was full of so much history and personality! We started the shoot off at Forest Falls and then concluded in the Salton Sea. We had a lot of fun and got burritos afterwards – that had french fries in them. Enjoy this AWESOME POST!!


[…] We are so happy to be featuring Lolo and Branden’s wedding today!!!! I have been up for 7 hours doing this blog post…. There was so much to this wedding and I am very happy with how everything was documented!!! I’ll let the photos tell the story: ENJOY!!!!  Oh and if you never saw Lolo and Branden’s engagement shoot: Check it out here!!!  […]

Such a phenominal idea! Amazing shots

I’m so happy for you two. I’m so glad the Lord has brought you two together. I pray that this season will be wonderful and blessed.