Philippines. They are both RNs and met in the same hospital. Maqsoom actually proposed to her on the first date! Some people question love at first sight… IT EXISTS!!! Anyway this post includes the wedding and trash the dress. So please make sure you comment and ENJOY this post… go eat some Indian food this week! : )  Maqsoom and Monna, thank you for having us there on your special day and allowing us to capture all your memories! Video done by Falangas (Please press play then pause to allow video to load to avoid stuttering!)



Cheers to Nick and Priscila for the excellent job performed in this video and pics!
Every details and every colors are so alive and beautiful.
The background music and song are excellent choices Nick, Mike and I liked it.
We enjoyed your company most of all the conversations we had about Jesus Christ and His Ministry.
We thank God for this opportunity of meeting you guys and knowing you behind the scenes.
Thank you so much and May the Grace of the Almighty God be with you both always.

Gorgeous pics, where was this bamboo grove and the field with the awesome trees??

wait was this the couple you had asked us about if we recommended them to you?? hmmm i wonder how they heard about you guys… either way it looks like an AMAZING wedding!!! you must have had a blast!
and to the newly wed couple: CONGRATS!!

hey!!!!! i recognize that church!! 🙂 hehe

Hey…Awesome Video! You guys did a very cool Job. A++++++++++++
Great Pics! YOu guys are Awesome! Keep up the great work!!!