HEY! We have had a very busy week! On May 6th our baby boy Alexander came into this world.. He is so cute and healthy and we can not wait to share some pics with you guys!

WOW! We are so excited to share this wedding with you guys!! Anca + Marc’s wedding was full of so many colors and you have got to love the GIANT balloons that just made this wedding POP! Anca’s DIY wedding decor made this wedding so unique and artsy! One of the highlights was after the ceremony everyone gathered together to release the giant balloons while Anca + Marc embraced one another with a kiss. Also something to note is that Anca and Marc are both super artsy and one of the things we loved was the big canvas that was spread out with paintbrushes and paints for guests to leave their 2 cents, love and stick-figures.  Enjoy the post!



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These photos are amazing as usual! All the essence was captured! For an artistic couple they certainly picked some artistic photographers!

I just wanna say congrats Marc and Anca, we don’t know each other so well but i’m still very happy for you guys =)

These photos are beautiful!!
It was a lovely wedding for sure! :]

What an outrageously awesome wedding!! Beautiful photos too 🙂

These shots are amazing and this couple is adorable!