We got quite a few posts coming this next week, Nick and I have been super busy editing wedding videos/pictures!  On August 22 2009 Nick and I got married in San Juan Capistrano and we had been praying about when to have our first child… and on August 22 of 2010 I found out that I would become a mom!! I am not sure what the child is boy/girl but I am excited to start the next chapter in my life. If you would like to check out the first ultrasound go to Falangas.net!

Mike an Laura’s wedding was beautiful!! There were so many groomsmen and bridesmaids and it just created such a fun environment for this lovely wedding. If you haven’t seen Mike and Laura’s engagement shoot click here. As I have said before these guys are just awesome and you can tell that their love for one another is so deep and mature. I remember getting the goosebumps at their wedding when said their vows to one another. She said slowly and intimately as she looked at Mike: “Mike, even when we are no longer here on earth, I know that our love will echo throughout the ages of time.” Look at their faces during the ceremony and see for yourself the sparkle and love that they have for one another.  ENJOY the post! And leave your comments! (stay tuned for their Trash the Dress SessioN!)



I can honestly say I loved all of these you guys! You have so many styles and it seems like you’re always trying new techniques, I love that about your photography 🙂 keep it up I’m always happy to comment!

Nick and Priscila are the best, and you two are going to be awesome parents. Laura and I had the perfect wedding, and we are so happy to have awesome photos to remember it by!!!