Hello everyone!

We have been so busy here in the Falangas home this week, preparing for our son to arrive. The official due date was actually yesterday, however he must be comfortable and is deciding to come later than expected! We are super stoked to finally meet him and shower him with love! We’ll keep everyone posted as things develop.  :]

On another note, we want to introduce you to Monica and Ryan! So, Monica convinced Ryan of not smashing any cake in her face on the day of the wedding and instead to do a cake smash during the E-Session! We have never done an engagement session like this and it was so fun! I have never shot a wedding were someone got remotely close to smashing as much cake into one another’s face as these guys did.. Nick and I were cracking up and we captured some pretty awesome shots! Their laugh and love for each other is contagious and you can definitely see it in all the photos. Enjoy!



I Love the pic’s Great imagination and looks like
it was alot fun! The wedding pic’s should be awesome!

How fun! what a cute couple…can’t wait to see the wedding photos 🙂