Hello everyone! What a GORGEOUS day today! There’s nothing like a day after the rain. And boy, was yesterday a rainy day or what? I love rainy days because your house feels extra cozy, your tea extra important, and your bed extra warm. But most importantly, it makes your thoughts extra inviting. On this particular day, I was thinking about two very special people, because they will soon be coming to visit me!! I am talking about my brother and sister-in-law!! These two love birds are very special people to my husband and I on numerous levels! We definitely feel very blessed to have them in our lives.
Because we were in their bridal party, we were only able to do an Engagement and Day After Session with them, but it was definitely well worth it!
Jeff moved to Eagle, Colorado a few years ago and after Natalee and Jeff got married we lost two of our closest friends. But Jeff is serving as a pastor up in Eagle and has found his calling not only in the ministry but in any outdoor activity possible! When Natalee and I met Jeff and Nick we said to each other, “Hey! What if you married Jeff and I married Nick and we became sister-in-laws??”… well, little did we know what a plan God was weaving for the two of us. It’s amazing how He has everything organized!
Natalee is a very creative girl. As an artist, having a friend that is also an artist is ESSENTIAL. Not only for your creative spirit to thrive, but for a critic who actually cares about you and wants you to grow. She has been supportive in everything to do with art in my life since the moment I met her, and has been an excellent partner in our scheme to own everything at Anthropologie. Jeff is the most amazing brother you will ever meet. He knows everything and anything to do with sports, the outdoors (all four seasons), exercising, your health, healthy food, and recently… plankton, and how it’s an excellent source of micro-nutrients. But most importantly, he is an inspiring man of God. So when we were scheming for their sessions, we wanted to do something extra special!  We took their engagement pictures over in Old World (German Town) in HB & their Day After shoot in Laguna Beach off Cliff Drive! (For those of you who have never been to this particular beach, it is a must see! PCH/Cliff)
Now I just want to add a little something about “Day After Sessions” or “Trash the Dress Sessions”, because I know not all of you are fond of the idea of “trashing your dress”. But let me just say, that it is ANYTHING but that!! Sure, if you’re planning on jumping in the ocean with it on, something might happen (I’m not in tune with the effect of salt water on various bridal gown fabrics). BUT, you don’t have to jump in the ocean! Natalee was definitely a very courageous girl, and we were able to do some risky things, but overall, her dress didn’t suffer at all. If anything, we walked away from that beach with some AMAZING pictures. I have found, that giving a bride the option of having a Day After session (the day after the wedding, or even when you return from your honeymoon!), the couple is more at ease on the day of the wedding. Between the ceremony and reception, all your family photos, your friends, the food, and so on and so forth, it’s nice to know that you can relax when taking the shots of you and your husband, knowing that there will be more time later on! If you would like more info about this, please do not hesitate to ask! We are big time enthusiasts about this session because we have seen first hand the creative freedom and awesome photos that come out of it!!
Back to Natalee and Jeff, we love you both sooo very much and are seriously bubbling with excitement to see you for Christmas!!!
Also, don’t forget, make sure you leave these two some love with your comments!!!
Oh…. and a Merry early Christmas everyone!


Wow!!! Amazing pictures, amazing couple! Absolutely stunning. The day after shoot WOWed me on so many levels! Thanks for sharing…your awesome!