Hello! WOW, were so stoked to be sharing Todd and Ambre’s wedding with you all!! There is so much flavor to this wedding and so many details behind everything and we were so stoked to be there capturing everything. Ambre and Todd are soo creative and the peacock flare that was added into the decor and details looks amazing. I would sit here and try to explain what it was like but I am going to let you see for yourself! Your going to love the Wedding Trailer by Falangas at the bottom of the post! Because it is HD, please allow the whole video to load before playing (to avoid stuttering). ENJOY!!!!


I didn’t know you guys do video too!!!!!! THAT WAS SO SO SO SO SO SO ABSOLUTEly incredible! I’m falling in love all over again with you guys! you’re so my heroes in life.

Wow…you guys seriously outdo yourselves every wedding!! Gorgeous shots and awesome video!

looking realllly good! i like the video a lot!

These pictures are absolutely stunning!!! beautiful!! One question, where did the horse come from?

Horse was rented part of the TTD! Just fused the two shoots together 🙂

Omg that is fabulous! You just captured every important detail so artistically! You guys make magic with your photography and videography!