Todd + Ambre!! WOO WOO! You guys are getting married this year!

MAN, how should I describe this photo shoot? These pictures are like eye candy! I mean don’t you just want to eat em up! Look at all the colors that were captured in this E-Session! First off we start off in a persimmon orchard where there are hundreds and hundreds of this delicious fruit adding such a unique composition to the shoot. Right around the corner there are pomegranates and thousands of oranges! This photo shoot is so dynamic and we thank you Todd + Ambre for all of the little details you brought along to make this shoot so awesome! Enjoy the true love this couple has found for another. Let us know what you think of the shoot by leaving a comment at the bottom!



Jackie, I borrowed the dress from my friend and it was perfect! I’m pretty sure she got it from Forever 21. 🙂

a) these are beautiful. bravo.
b) i’m in love with her floral sundress. any idea where she got it?

So adorable and The colors are amazing! Good job Priscila and Nick! You guys keep blowing me away with your recent work!

So cute! I love these!

LOVE the umbrella shot and the one of the scramble board for save the date very cute ideas!