Now if you don’t remember Tom + Brianna, they were featured on Green Wedding Shoes, click here to see their post.

Tom called us asking if we could go to the Salton Sea which is about 2.5 hour drive from OC. We immediately were intrigued by the idea and headed out two weeks ago with a truck full of props and the intent to capture the love between Tom + Brianna. The Salton Sea is a huge salt lake that was a popular getaway spot back in the 1920’s. There are so many abandoned homes, trailers, motels, etc… It is unlike any place we have ever been to in California.

The theme of this shoot was inspired by the idea of slowing down time and leaving the materials and riches of this world aside and just being still with one another. Love is eternal and will not decay. Love is true friendship — caught on fire.


Love is eternal and will not decay.

Love is true friendship — caught on fire.


Carol & Kevin Kerr

Absolutely awesome photo shoot… What a creative idea to go to Salton Sea… Great tone and mood. God sent a promise in the rainbow sealed with a kiss! They’ve only just begun… white lace and promises…
Wishing them God’s best for a wonderful future.
From your well-seasoned neighbors!

So incredibly creative! I love the door and the couch and the rainbow and the camera and the picture! I would never think of those things! And it all came together so beautifully! I absolutely love the rainbow one, it is so magical!

One of your best photo shoots, these are really creative!

Love the tone of the setting especially the rustic and antique props you have put in. The couch definitely made this session a legend. Lucky you guys were to have the rainbow in there too.

Was the rainbow one of your props? You are good 😉

Priscila Valentina

The rainbow was sent by GOD, seriously it was raining when we drove out there and low and behold.. we got a rainbow!!!!

Wow. I really liked the pic of these two people on the couch while on the water and especially the ones where the couch is on fire and they’re right next to it. Good looking couple in great taken pic’s.

The pictures just keep getting better and better! Great job you guys.

Absolutely stunning! LOVE it.

These photos are amazing!!!!