Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week! I want to introduce you to Tom and Briana,

Tom and Briana had a vintage and almost pirate feel to their wedding! We have NEVER had a bridal party like this and let me tell you these guys were SO fun!!!!! From swords to bandanas, this wedding was ACTION packed and full of energy. While I was with the ladies, Nick was off shooting with the guys and you can see from the pics below that they were getting into “pirate mode” and taking some really awesome – funny – crazy – pics.

You know, for any future brides or grooms reading this, when you look at this wedding remember that as important your wedding day is, YOU NEED TO HAVE FUN!!!! What is it that makes an unforgettable memory? Laughing, crying, enjoying your family and friends… This wedding had it all and we were so happy to be there with you Tom and Briana. Enjoy your memories!




I LOVE the theme and they looked like they had a blast great job capturing the moments!!!

I love her dress! And of course the photography 🙂