HELLO! Sorry for the delay in posts!! We were suuper busy this last week because Nick was doing a film for the 168 Hour Film Festival! Thats right you only have 168 hours (1 Week) to create a short film and he had stayed up for 60 hours straight finishing this project with a team from LA!!! Madness!!

For this post, we are featuring Ian & Cari!! One of the coolest aspects of working with our clients is getting to know what they do… Ian and Cari are both CPAs and we just respect them so much for how motivated and hard working they are. We wanted a photo shoot that fit their personalities and something different than the norm, which led us to and awesome museum: LACMA!

Enjoy the diversity and unique pictures that were produced from this awesome e-session in LA




LoVE! The last one is my favorite….you guys are perf!

You guys are soooo cute. The pictures are awesome. Can’t wait for the Moreno Hornstein wedding, it’s going to be fabulous. Love you guys-Cris

Love the pictures! We have been dying to see them! Can’t wait to see what you guys do for the wedding.